About Reseller Haven

This is a site dedicated to helping resellers find the items that sell and how much you should pay to guarantee you maximize your profits. We constantly update our resources and tools to ensure you are on the cutting edge of what is selling.

About the Creator

Hi! My name is Chris. My reselling journey actually started as a collector. I've been collecting vintage video games for a few years now and I started adding big box PC games to my list. I was watching a video about finding such games in a thrift store and off to the side was a suggested video by Raiken Profit where he interviewed Jason T. Smith about how to sell things on ebay correctly (if those 2 names are new to you check them out!). I was very intrigued, but didn't think it was possible to actually make a living doing that crazy eBay thing.

Equipped with my new knowledge I went to Goodwill and found 2 of my favorite pc games in the book section and knew I'd be going back. And since I was going back I might as well learn what else I should be looking for to try to make a little money to fund my collection. I then proceeded to binge on videos about what to buy and sell and really got the bug to try out clothes. My first few trips were very exciting finding a vintage Versace sweater and an Orvis silk sport coat that each sold for pretty decent money. I was way hooked.

Over the next year I continued to watch and learn and compile spreadsheets of brand names for each article of clothing that I should look for. I think we are all aware of how thrift stores have been raising prices on their items, but especially on most of those exact brand names. In response to this I started to research the sold prices of each brand to determine the highest I should pay for each item in order to maximize profits. I spent weeks scouring the sold pages of eBay to get the best info possible and then had an idea of how to automate the process so I could actually share that info with the other people.

This site is an attempt to share what I've been able to find out with all of the reseller community. I have compiled a database of sold prices for several brands for each item of clothing and then an average sold price for each brand is calculated based on the total number of listings. With that info I can calculate the highest price you should pay for that brand factoring in the fees for eBay, PayPal, and how much return you'd like to see. I can also separate the costs of shipping for those of us who like to offer free shipping.

My hope is that I can give back some value to a community that has helped me tremendously. I now have a passion for the treasure hunting this business provides, but I also love efficiency and hopefully this tool can help provide that.

If you ever find that there is an error, or you want to see a feature or brand added, or even if you just want to say hello you can find me in any of the social networks below.

About the Site

As explained above this site is dedicated to helping the resller community with data. Men's clothing is the first category we focused on simply because it was both familiar and foreign. The plan is to continue adding more and more categories as the data can be accumulated. The most likely next category is video games as that is a passion as well.

We cannot stress enough that the data presented here is a framework to base your research on and not at all intended to replace any research done on individual items. The variance between individual items within each category can be huge depending on a number of factors. Some of these factors include sizing, color, condition, and listing quality. Another reason not to simply rely on the provided data is the age of this site. We have only been able to collect data from the beginning of 2017, not the beginning of time.

The way our site is designed there is a manual component and an automatic component. We manually research each category to find brand names that seem to do well and sell often. A database is built with the info of this search data and the prices of sold items are gathered. Unfortunately we cannot include anything that was sold for a best offer because the real sold price is unknown. We then try to filter out anything sold in lots as well.

This leaves us with a list of items sold for a variety of prices and we run a script that calculates the average price each category was sold for as well as how many have been sold as far back as we can go. We also figure out how many were sold in the previous 7 days with the average sold price of those and we do that same for the last 30. This allows you to see how often each brand sells to help you determine how quickly you might make a sale.

The items are also separated by those that are sold with free shipping and those without to help get a firm calculation on what the best sales price might be. We also calculate the possible fees based on the information provided. The last piece of the puzzle is the profit markup. We currently use a range of 1x to 4x. This is determined based on the average sold price minus the fees and shipping divided by the markup multiplier. It is a lot of math, but we love numbers around here.

So we just do all that over and over again to try to get the most up to date data possible to help all of you in the reseller community. It is our hope that you can help us to help you so if you see something that doesn't seem quite right or a brand name or category that you'd like to see, please drop us a line and let us know.